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On Line Building Reports

House Inspections Pre-Purchase in Sydney that are value for money

About Us

Knowledgeable Home Inspector Experts

 House Inspections Pre-purchase in Sydney for pre purchase inspection reports do the following - 

  • On Line Building Reports in Sydney make observations and assess the buildings current maintenance status   
  • offer recommendations for the items reviewed  
  • Our home inspectors include a photo supplement in their reports adjacent each area item for visually referencing the reports comments. 


We Notice the Little Things

 Founded  in 2014, On Line Building  Reports was conceived as the result of our years of reporting work for some of the largest home warranty insurers in Australia.      

Our knowledge, experience and attention to detail allows our clients access to quality house inspections in Sydney that are value for money

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 On Line Building Reports

 Our core business focuses on quality house inspections in Sydney, that's why our service has been praised for the  pre purchase inspection reports we provide


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Our Services

Inspection Criteria

 We will inspect and assess the condition of the house according to the normative standards in the Building Code of Australia or (NCC) and appropriate informative guides   

Network of professional providers

We have access to a network of professional and experienced service providers on hand for assessing items in their area of specialty

Comprehensive reports

Our pre purchase inspection reports are detailed and transparent.

All reports are designed to inform and enable all parties to understand a buildings structural integrity and maintenance condition


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On Line Building Reports

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